Actual IFR!

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This weekend I flew 200 miles to my hometown of Greenville, SC, for a wedding. My son reluctantly agreed to be my date for the weekend. I rented a plane and was excited to fly with him in the right seat for the first time!

On the way up I decided not to file a flight plan since the weather looked to be VFR all day. As it turned out, the cloud layer was right where I wanted to be and I ended up taking detours, climbing and descending to avoid them. I would have asked ATC to open one for me, but with it being Saturday morning they were extremely busy and I didn’t want to bother them so I danced around the clouds.

We had a lovely time at the wedding and visiting my parents. We even squeezed in a Fathers Day Brunch with them before our departure on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I checked the weather and saw that the cloud layer was going to be from 4,000′ to 7,000′, so I filed IFR with an altitude of 5,000′ with the hope of getting IFR time. I was cleared “as filed” so I immediately went into the clouds upon reaching my altitude and stayed in the clouds for an hour and ten minutes! This was a HUGE deal for me because it was my first actual IFR flight as PIC. The fact that my son was in the plane for this event made it an even bigger deal for me!

He was impressed. And I must admit, I rocked it!

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Taking action

I finally got around to writing my state representatives today regarding the ATC Furlough; About an hour later I saw the tweet about a bill that was signed last night which will offer relief. Well, I may or may not have been an influence, but at least I can say I tried to do something. This was the first time I’ve contacted them and I plan to do it more now that I know how easy it is. Now I’m going to send them another letter about these ridiculous user fees. How often is too often to write them to be effective?

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So there I was…

thinking about what to do with my night. I was recently asked by a local flight school to write a little blurb about my checkride. A couple of weeks ago Ben suggested that I start a blog, and a blog is a good way to kick me in the arse to do the blurb. So here’s my blog. We’ll see how it goes.

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